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Pipe Fittings

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Flexible Hoses

Coninx™ range of flexible hoses are manufactured to exacting standards and each hose represents excellent value for money.

Rainwater Systems

Coninx offers the most innovative and affordable rainwater system available to the market today

Personal development & respect

At Coninx we believe in honoring the people who inspire us by incorporating their great lessons into our work each day. And we make a point to be more than great students-we’re darned good teachers, too

Creativity & Kaizen culture

Constant And Never-ending Improvement, and it’s a mantra we live by at Coninx. We work in teams and we believe that our best work is always ahead of us and there is no reason to say, “I can’t”.

Deliver what we promise

Our word is our contract. We pride our work by the praise we receive from our customers. We go out of our way to exceed our customers and employees expectations.