Cutting edge

To remain a leader in our field of expertise, Coninx™ has made great strides to ensure our operations are modernized incorporating the latest technology and equipment. We have partnered with some of the best machinery manufacturers to enable us be cost effective and energy efficient.

We understand that to manufacture good quality products, we need to ensure that all our raw materials and processes are also of high standards. We procure from reputable companies around the world and will always remain open to new ideas and developments.


At Coninx™, we take proactive steps to ensure our workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to remain abreast of the developments in a rapidly changing global environment. We assess the training needs of our employees to identify any gaps and provide the relevant training to develop our workforce to accomplish our long term strategic plan.

Regular in-house training sessions are conducted to ensure that all our employees are equipped with the necessary level of skills. Where our facilities are limited, we will send our employees outside the organization to acquire the necessary skills.

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