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Coninx™ range of plastic pipe fittings are made to international standards. With the use of modern equipment and technology, we produce pipe fittings of the highest quality available in Kenya.

The weakest link in any plastic piping system is the joints and it is extremely important that the joints and fittings are of very high quality to ensure a leak free and durable system.

The costs associated with repairing a pipeline are far much higher than the cost of buying good quality fittings and getting it right the first time. Coninx believes that fresh drinking water and sanitation is a basic right of every individual.

We are trying to make a difference by:

  • Introducing local communities to the versatile nature of plastic piping systems. Plastic piping systems are more adaptable than traditional steel and cast iron. The extensive range of plastic pipe fittings produced by Coninx provide for the most challenging applications.
  • Ensuring economical installation. Plastic pipe fittings are cheaper and easier to install,maintain and require less labour.
  • Providing better alternatives to the more traditional steel and cast iron. Since plastic pipe fittings are light weight and resistant to corrosion, a properly installed plastic piping system will last between 50 -100 years.
  • Offering an environmentally friendly choice due to the recyclable nature of plastics.


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